Animals Helping Humans
Humans Helping Animals

Statewide Transportation

We here at AHH HHA Inc. help transport dogs and cats to loving homes all over the nation.  


If you have a dog or cat you wish to have transported or would like to help in transporting animals while traveling, please contact us.

We will set you up with a doggy or kitty to help the animal find its forever home.

You can also donate gas money to help off set the cost of transport. Just click on the donation button and attach an email that you would like it to be used for transportation. 


Buddy is a Border Collie who was transported by AHH HHA Inc. from Louisville, Kentucky to Ocala, Florida. We had a wonderful time traveling. Buddy bonded with me right away and was very protective when anyone came near me or my car. He was my little guard dog.  


Hunter was transported from Boca Raton, Florida to Lexington, Kentucky. Here he is chasing ducks on a lake, typical Labrador. 

Here Hunter and I are enjoying a lake in north Florida:

 We had a blast traveling together!