Animals Helping Humans
Humans Helping Animals



We are so thankful for all the individuals and businesses

that have helped AHH HHA get started.

All of the doggies and kitties are so happy

with their donated items.



Donors of each month in 2013


 Barbara Snow, executive director for The United States War Dogs Associations Chapter 2,

for her donation of True Chews dogs treats. 




Donors of each month in 2011


Karen and Tom Deringer







Dr. Matt Toia

Karen and Eliot Zacker

Crystal Simpson

Jeni Weihs



P.B. Emergency Clinic




Mickey Spillane

Vicker's House (Elders on the Edge program)


Hibiscus Quilt Guild of South Florida (For 30 hand-made recycled animal beds)

P.B. Emergency Clinic


El Cid Animal Hospital



Marv and Jeanne Johnson, in memory of Princess. 

The Johnson family generously donated many useful supplies after the passing of their beloved Princess. These items included canine medication, flea preventive, toys, food and treats. 





 Bret Balsara

Shelby, Cal,Toby, Carl and Barbara Loosch in memory of Ricky and Lucy


Jan Greer   

Marge Brawner


 Lela Jordan



Maria and Ryan Hurley say, "Thank you for all you do to help the kitties!"