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Humans Helping Animals

What we have to offer 

We have decided to offer additional services to provide more funding and bring more exposure to our rescue program.


We now offer dog boarding, grooming, training and daycare services at either of our new locations:
Gainesville or Williston.


These new services will help bring in monthly income for the organization.

Payments made for services rendered will go directly to AHH HHA's cause. The fees will not be tax deductible though, due to the fact that services are rendered.


This innovative idea is similar to how Goodwill runs a thrift store and still remains a non-profit organization (all proceeds are recycled back to the non-profit). 


Our address is 230 NE 16th Ave. Gainesville, FL 32601. 

Gainesville residents, we also pick up dogs for daycare if you are in the Gainesville area for a small fee.

Please call or text if you are interested in our services: 352-505-0019


More about our new location and our mission


In addition, this location will be a vital tool for volunteers to learn dog behavior and other dog related services. All foster dogs that need socialization will attend a program so they can have a better chance for adoption. Obedience will be offered. Our mission is to keep dogs in their homes and help foster dogs get ready for adoption.   


The location is currently called Dogs Rule Inn, but it will remain all under AHHHHA's jurisdiction. We hope this page has helped you understand this added entity to our rescue effort. When there are tough times, we have to utilize other methods so the rescue can still function and our goals can still be met. We are helping rescued animals with the use of the public's need for dog services.  


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Packages available at Dogs Rule can be used within three months, must be purchased in advance to get the daily discount. Scroll down to pick you your choice. Thank you!

Dogs must be vaccinated and approved before services are provided.


Doggy Daycare Single Day
Doggy Boarding per night.
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Bath Options
Doggy Daycare Single Day (student)

Call or Text for services  1-352-505-0019 if you are in the Gainesville area, to reserve a spot.

Please visit the website below for more information and directions.